The name Pink Whistle Man is often being misconstrued for a medical illness campaign, a makeup company or just something naughty.. But the name is nothing but just a tribute to my favourite character while growing up.. Mr. Pink Whistle – A colorful and delightful little magical creature who brought in an element of surprise and excitement in each and every expedition he set out on.We hope that with our designs, we can weave in a little bit of his magic into every special event of yours.We create logos, business cards, personalized engagement, wedding, birthday and baby shower invitations, Scrap books for babies, book covers, personalized gifts, magazine ads and other branding activities by adding a little twist of our own. We also undertake product packaging orders.

Our USP is to create stationery that have an aesthetic as well as intelligent appeal. We cater to 2 segments of the audience. Our personalised brand emphasises on creating something extremely unique for every couple by adapting to their design sensibilities and also making sure that the invites or stationery have a keep sake or environmental value.  On the other hand we also have an e-commerce site for couples that are looking for something creative and semi-personalised without having to spend a huge amount. Our e-commerce website also provides add-on accessories such as welcome notes, baggage tags, favours etc that are in sync with the invite.



Ranjani has always been drawn towards designs that appear simple but have layers of meaning or a little pun here and there. This passion grew stronger when she designed her own wedding card and received overwhelming responses. With this also came a few requests from friends to design their wedding cards, logos etc. She realized in the process that many of them were breaking out from the conventional mindset of designs. This thought strengthened her vision to set up Pink Whistle Man (A character that she has adored since childhood) as a funky and clever brand that resonates with every audience.

Ranjani Iyengar


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